How do you supplement classroom time and support learners beyond the classroom?

How do you track depth of understanding and learning progress beyond formal submissions and assessments?

How do you address foundational gaps in literacy and numeracy and support learners on their journey?

How do you keep up with and appeal to the next generation that wants self-paced learning on the go?

Rekindle Learning provides:

  • adaptive micro-learning to supplement knowledge imparted in the classroom through repeated reinforcment.
  • foundational learning program in English Proficiency to raise learners' level of English and improve their chances of success.

Reporting and statistics provide you with deeper insights into your classes' learning progress. Our result-driven approach to learning is about ensuring that you can track the return on learning and the value delivered from educational intervention. Mostly importantly, you are empowered with the insight to focus learning interventions where the learners needs the most support.