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Are you still emailing or sharing PDFs and Powerpoints and hoping everyone is reading them?

Are you still taking a register at workshops and hoping that is a representation of knowledge retained?

How do you sustain learning opportunities beyond workshops? How do you create a continuous learning culture?

Rekindle Learning’s adaptive micro-learning tool ensures personalised reinforcement of learning in a wide range of organisational knowledge areas from regulatory and compliance knowledge, to sales and product knowledge to standard operating procedures and process knowledge, to strategy and culture and new employee onboarding. It can be effectively applied to support knowledge transfer and entrench knowledge in your company.

Reporting and statistics provide you with deeper insights into your organization's learning culture and knowledge retained. Our results-driven approach to learning is about ensuring that you can track the return on learning and the value delivered from training interventions. You can finally go beyond attendance registers from workshops that don’t tell you anything about what knowledge is retained.

Rekindle Learning supports a faster long-term assimilation of fact-, process-, and rule-based knowledge. It leverages the best we know about cognitive learning functions for overcoming the forgetting curve that would otherwise result in knowledge leakage.

The micro-learning approach isn’t like a normal bulky LMS. It is a lightweight, rapid deployment approach:

  • Easy to deploy content, even without instructional designers
  • Rapidly distribute new knowledge to thousands of geographically dispersed employees
  • Track learning activity in real time

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